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The Shane Outpost is a new campsite area at the far end of the Buckeye Lake. This outpost is not just for campers, however! There are nice public bathrooms that are open when the Buckeye Recreation Center is closed! Big bonus over the woods! The lake butts up against the outpost, and various canoes are available for rent. If a staff member is not there to check out a boat and accept payment, plan on bringing your own life vest and paddles/oars! The trails around this area loop to the Buckeye Trail Loop, and the clear stream is awesome for some water play time. There are deck overlooks for the campsite and grills. The number of campsits is few, under ten, so this area is likely to never be crowded. Over the weekend when we were there in September, we are the only visitor. This is a very well done, intimate campsite and recreation area. Creek walking. Rope walking. Trail kiking. Kyaking. Fishing. Picnicing. Naps. Just an awesome place for a relaxing time!

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